Enterprise Data Warehousing

Bilytica’s Enterprise Data Warehousing services transform your data into business intelligence. With the help of our engineers leveraging our alliance with Oracle a top-down, bottom-up or metadata-driven development approach is used to design strategic, scalable data warehouses that equip users with consistent, accurate, accessible and complete data from sources all across the enterprise. Data is consolidated from multiple sources to make campus wide decisions.

Bilytica’s Enterprise Data Warehousing services ensure that the data consolidated is accurate, timely, consistent, integrated, appropriately detailed, well-organized, easy to obtain by the users and secure. Best-of-breed tools are used to offer a range of class-leading business-centric data marts, pre-built data warehouses and custom data warehouses for acute analyses and business-decision making:

  • Data Warehouse Design.
  • Metadata Management.
  • Data Modeling.
  • Data Quality Management.
  • Data Migration.
  • Data Transformation.
  • Data Masking.

Key benefits

  • Bilytica’s Enterprise Data Warehousing services provide optimized business information management and access, with data retrieval, migration, masking processes and streamlined metadata management.
  • Open bus architecture is used for efficient and greater business agility.
  • It provides faster decision support and business intelligence.
  • Deployment of smarter and cost-efficient technologies with minimal disruption.
  • Risk reduction along with improved data quality.
  • It provides flexibility, high performance and ease of use.
  • Optimal resource utilization as well as cost reduction.
  • Scalability is done Enterprise-wide.
  • Reporting and management of metadata is also provided by Bilytica’s Enterprise Data Warehousing.
  • Provides high technology functionalities with easy implementation without effecting the rest of your system.

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