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AngularJS Services in Saudi Arabia | Robust and highly scalable AngularJS web application development services with optimal quality standards

At Alrasmyat, we are a leading Software Development Company in Saudi Arabia that has delivered a series of mobile and web applications that are highly secure, robust, easy to maintain and extensible with several additional features. In the work done by us, our goal is to simplify both the development and testing of applications that provide a framework for the client-side model (MVC) driver architecture. You get the scalable AngularJS services in Saudi Arabia with a great feature that meets the complex business requirements of several verticals.

Our Team of Experts                          

We have a team of AngularJS developers who use state-of-the-art tools and the latest technologies, which is why we offer brilliant and extensive Node JS Development Services in Saudi Arabia. Using the unique features of AngularJS, such as bi-directional data link, HTML template, directives, and dependency injection and testing, our developers create a web application based on data. With us you can create a better network of customers with access to the latest tools and technologies, which allows the development of profitable mobile applications.

Our expert AngularJS Developers allow us to offer highly interactive and data-driven applications of AngularJS.

At Alrasmyat we provide AngularJS services in Saudi Arabia to meet the evolving demand of the modern business era.

Industries / Solutions

  • Agreement
  • E-Commerce
  • Supports
  • Social network
  • Health care
  • education
  • Travel
  • Games

How we work with  AngularJS at Bilytica?

We follow an agile development process keeping quality in control.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Strategy and planning
  • Application design
  • Applications development
  • Delivery and launch
  • Support and maintenance
  • AngularJS Development Services

The expert developers of AngularJS in Alrasmyat adopt an advanced MVC pattern to develop dynamic and powerful applications for mobile and web devices.

         AngularJS customization

It is beneficial to customize the appearance of the commercial website in accordance with the requirements and this is possible with the AngularJS personalization services.

   Web applications development

Get web developers with experience in AngularJS that provide excellent services to facilitate the creation of wonderful websites.


       Development of plugins.

AngularJS is an amazing JavaScript framework useful for creating effective add-ons that help in the development of AngularJS applications.

Development of Portal AngularJS

With the help of AngularJS technology it is easier to create a simple and attractive portal system with floating panels.

     Development of E-Commerce AngularJS

Developing a useful shopping cart with many functions is much easier with the help of AngularJS, which offers excellent e-commerce solutions.

       Development of UX / UI AngularJS

With AngularJS technology it is easy to obtain profitable and efficient UX / UI development services, since our trained developers offer excellent solutions.



Development of AngularJS

Angular JS is Google’s open source web application framework that was developed to meet the needs of rapid test and test development for single-page applications.

The structure of Angular JS is familiar because it is a natural extension of HTML, and its labels and attributes are used to give more expressiveness to the screens, and as commands to link and send sections of the application page to a model created with standard Terms available through the JavaScript language.


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