Applications of Banking Analytics for Banking and Finance Industry.

In today’s competitive marketplace, banking industry need to be as efficient and lean as possible. By using business intelligence services, banking industry can analyze operational processes and also reduce ongoing costs and maximize profit. For example, by analyzing the performance of customer facing employees, such as sales personnel, tellers, and account managers, organization can find a way to improve the customer experience at the point of contact.

Business intelligence provides banking analytics solutions to improve and streamline banks operational efficiencies.

Risk Management:

In changing and uncertain financial world, banking industry need to rely more on fact based actionable information, to reduce risk wherever possible. The actionable information generated by a Banking Analytics Solutions can reduce risk in the banking sector by following ways:

  • Efficiently and quickly detecting and reducing incidents of fraudulent activity by tracking customer transaction history.
  • Calculating the probability that a customer will default on a loan and estimating the cost of recovery. Of the borrower
  • The financial assets and earning capacity of the borrower
  • Improve operational efficiencies and boost profits

Banks can maximize existing resources and expertise and reduce ongoing costs by analyzing operational processes and activities.

Banking analytics solutions allows banking industry to accurately and efficiently segment their customer based for following purposes:

Effectively tailor products:

Better understand customer needs and sentiments regarding banking, and as a consequence, develop, implement and offer new market leading financial products and services to gain and maintain competitive advantages.

Effective Customer profiling:

Analyze the data stored in the core banking CRM based on a range of customer segmentations and geographies to uncover the ideal most profitable customer profile. The customer base can be analyzed to determine profitability across branches and products, and identify and develop new cross sell and up sell opportunities and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Real time understanding of payments:

Banking analytics enable customers to more easily manage finances by being able to track and analyze their spending and earning patterns

Bilytica provide Banking analytics solutions for banking and finance industry to increase operational efficiency, manage risk, and provide product and services that meet real customer needs.


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