Text Analytics

Text Analytics

Unstructured content makes up bulk of the organization data and it keeps growing fast at an immense speed. Major question which arises here is that how you can take full advantage of the data? Shouldn’t you take benefit from it? InsureQlik let you:

Evaluate text to minimize the inconsistency and ambiguity

InsureQlik sophisticated linguistic rules and analytical modeling tools enable you to uncover all the insights which are hidden in the big text data.

Get Insights and Answers Faster than before

Natural language processes and machine learning techniques automate various time consuming manual activities. Our high performance capabilities let your employees evaluate the large collections quickly.

Discovery Enhancement through subject matter experts

Our subject matter experts review the categories identified by machine learning and they write and edit the rules which are based on the categories and definitions which are important for your organization.

Rules Refinement for Precise Analysis

InsureQlik insurance text analysis help you to edit, augment and clarify the rule models, validate the changes and then test them against the validation samples.

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