HR and Payroll Management Software

HR and Payroll Management Software

InsureQlik HR and Payroll Management software let you bring all the HR online and automate paperwork. It will be easy for you to connect your HR systems and easily run the payroll without putting much effort. Our experts connect everything related to the HR including Payroll, compliance, time tracking and others and keep everything updated to let you work in a relaxing way.

InsureQlik HR and Payroll Management software for the insurance industry helps you to manage your business from a single online dashboard.

InsureQlik HR and Payroll Management Benefitting Insurance Types

InsureQlik HR and Payroll Management software helps to manage all the insurance types including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Property and Casualty
  • Life and Disability
  • Stock Options
Attendance and Time Management

Track the hours of employees to connect it directly with payroll to reduce any kind of errors. It let the employees to:

  • Clock in Easily
  • Let the managers approve hours in single click
  • Make automatic approvals to push towards the payroll
  • Keep you overtime compliant
Vacations and Time Off

Employees can submit the time off requests and report sick leaves directly. Through InsureQlik, our experts let your employees to:

  • Request time off easily
  • Let the managers approve time offs in single click
  • Calculate and track the accruals automatically.
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