Payroll System in Pakistan benefits for HR and employees

The term ‘payroll software’ refers to the automation of the full range of payroll tasks involved in calculating the employee’s salary, the calculation of legal deductions, the number of payments to be made and the guarantee of the amounts. They are paid by the hour. Traditionally, payroll processing is a time-consuming process that is repeated every month. Now, with a single click, Payroll System in Pakistan calculates the gross salary, deductions, legal compliance and net salary of each employee and processes it instantly.

  1. Less cost
  2. Ease of use.
  3. Relief of regulatory aspects.
  4. Easy and quick reconciliation of the payroll.
  5. Generating Accounts
  6. Generation of multiple reports.
  7. Incorporated data of leaves and attendance as automated entries.

In addition to calculating and disbursing salaries, payroll processing also involves the calculation of all legal fees, generating reports in the format required by law and presenting these reports together with the amounts to the relevant government departments. Payroll Software in Pakistan performs all of these activities at a fraction of the cost and time required to perform these tasks manually. The payroll software also guarantees the accuracy of the data.

Payroll System in Pakistan benefits for HR and employees

Here is the list of features which you can get by using Payroll System in Pakistan:

  • PeopleQlik Core
  • Talent Management Software
    • Recruitment Management Software
    • Applicant Management
    • New Hire on Board
    • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management Software
    • 360-degree feedback form
    • Compensation Planning & Administration
    • Social Recognition
  • Talent Development
    • Learning Management System
    • Competency Management
    • Training Management
  • Workforce Administration

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