Start Managing and monitoring the performance of your Franchise Business through Erpisto POS
Erpisto is an easy and perfectly made solution which let the business grow and transition in to other locations quite amazingly. Erpisto let you keep complete track of all the details and it keeps the owners up to date on different locations about the business.

Main Benefits of Erpisto Franchise Management

User Access Control

User Access Control feature of Erpisto POS allows the business owner to limit the backend access for franchise owners on individual basis. Series of check boxes are available on management console which let the owners control the reports which individual franchise owners need to view.

Child / Master Setup

You can apply plenty of changes immediately to multiple POS systems from one master management console. Avoid inputting changes on one POS at a single time by setting master console as it directly change the settings on all the child systems.

Keep Monitoring Every Location

Erpisto Franchise management allows the business owners in keeping track of all the locations and have view of the reports from comprehensive standpoint or from an individual. You can monitor the locations which are the best-selling ones and which are not through performance tracking in real time.

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