Erpisto has developed a distinguished POS System which entertains the visually impaired people. Erpisto has tailored all in one solution to make the sales process easy going. Erpisto Accessibility App works intelligently with Bluetooth keyboards that expedite the handicaps in entering the instructions and provide them the comfort in performing high level POS operations. Accessibility App provides an amazing feature of audible command which enables the visually impaired users to just speak and perform the task. Erpisto Accessibility App makes the sales process simple and spontaneous.

Erpisto Accessibility App POS Key Features

  • Erpisto’s solution works on Strongest and safest Wi-Fi networks.
  • Paired Bluetooth keyboard makes the direct instruction entry an easy operation.
  • Erpisto Accessibility App provides comfort to handicaps to manage the tasks easily.
  • Erpisto Solution keeps on running your business transaction smoothly during internet slow down or power outage.
  • Erpisto Accessibility App provides you all the reports related to your business without wasting your single second.
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