PeopleQlik has its main headquarters in Australia with our regional offices and partners present in various locations.

Globally they offer maintenance and production support services either directly or through implementation and support partners. For general support on the product, support will be offered from the central support desk.

Protect your HRMS investment through the use of PeopleQlik support services. Our dedicated and versatile worldwide support team provide customizable and flexible support based on the level of experience you need.

No matter wherever you are, we are always here to help and guide you through our support offices in Australia, and Pakistan. We offer complete maintenance services for the management of your supporting requirements. PeopleQlik is an exceptional open source product which is perfect for you to meet your requirements no matter you are new user or an experienced one. We always offer a wide range of support services for meeting your unique requirements.

PeopleQlik Issue Recording and Acknowledgement

With regards to support for an application, PeopleQlik always provide helpdesk services 24/7. Our helpdesk services monitor the support requests which are coming from the customers.

  • With regards to support and help, PeopleQlik provides access to the support portal. Support link will let the user come to the interface where issue can be logged easily. Support desk and relevant stakeholders will definitely be notified through an email once the issue and query gets reported.
  • PeopleQlik support desk will initiate the necessary actions when notifications get received and user gets updated on current status. You can view the current status of the reported issue by visiting the portal and through email notifications.
  • Users can call the PeopleQlik support desk at the designated numbers during the working hours for the conveying the issue to supporting staff which in turn will take forward issue towards the resolution.
  • PeopleQlik standard support process offer the response times which are based on issues criticality and you can easily get the best results by opting for our support services.
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