Techlopes Microsoft Development Solutions

Techlopes possess strong alliance with the Microsoft technology right from its inception. We have developed a large range of applications and the software products through the use of reputable product array of SQL, Windows and .Net. We provide the best and latest operational capacity which is offered by the Microsoft frameworks. We always adapt to the new offerings which are provided by the leveraging framework in form of SharePoint 2013, SQL server, Azure, Silverlight and others.

With the always dependable Microsoft solution, streamlined engineering process, proven practices and proficient resources, we have achieved complete control over Microsoft technology proponents and improved our technology graph tremendously. All our clients are served with the Microsoft technology benefits and we always offer the enduring software solution services.

ASP. Net

ASP.Net is always preferred by the developers for the programming requirements. We always take it ahead perfectly.

Windows Azure

If you are looking forward for the best hosting services and cloud computing with the best operational capacity, then you need to opt for the windows azure prominence.

SharePoint 2013

Have the best value defining performance point and workflows experience along with the exceptional content management benefits by opting for the SharePoint 2013 services.

Windows 8

Latest technology exposure of Microsoft help our experts propose the right windows 8 solution for the best functional possibilities.

Techlopes .NET Application Development

Techlopes solutions can range from the building of software applications, merging the web assets, system augmentation, consolidated infrastructure paneling, module implementation, automated system parameters and resource properties deployment to let the businesses grow in order to deal with the various situations and expand the scope of operation.

Techlopes .NET Migration and Maintenance

You can easily get the advanced IT benefits with existing system migration to the .NET. We offer .NET migration and maintenance services which are highly focused on cloud computing, cloud data storage and others for the utilization of dynamic benefits.
Techlopes Integration Solution
We also offer the comprehensive integration solutions in addition to the developed software solutions. Our integrated software solutions have certainly enhanced the utility and expand scope of software with responsive and restorative functionality.

Microsoft Solutions which Techlopes Offer are:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning solutions
  • CRM development services
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • ASP.NET Application Development
  • ASP.Net MVC App Development
  • Microsoft Silverlight development solutions
  • Microsoft C#.Net development services
  • SharePoint Development Services
  • Windows 8 Development Services
  • SharePoint Integration solutions
  • Legacy System Integration with Microsoft solutions
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