Zend Framework 2

Zend Framework 2 is one of the leading, open source, object-oriented web application framework, utilizing the futuristic features of PHP 5.3 with super ease and firm command.

It is licensed under the New BSD License. Zend Framework 2 is attributed with enhanced features to take the technology heritage to the next level of success. Zend Framework 2 follows a vigorous design principle that is accurately based on Object Oriented Programming – helping developers to utilize the development possibilities comprehensively and with absolute ease.

At Techlopes we have not only utilized the latest technological benefits of Zend Framework 2 but have also learned a lot from its conventional performance approach. Our developers at Techlopes have a great command over the high feat MVC features provided by this incredible framework – helping us create a web application solution that is supported by the best of technological attributes and functional entities.

Features of Zend Framework 2

  • Zend Framework 2 provides auto-loading throughout the framework.
  • It also provides with PHP namespaces.
  • Exception marker interface.
  • A unified constructor is provided.
  • Advanced console support is provided.
  • The MVC layer is enhanced for more capabilities and flexibility.
  • In order to handle and manipulate file uploads, new integrations are provided by Zend Framework 2.
  • Usage of new language features within plugin architectures.

Benefits of Zend Framework 2

  • Zend Framework 2 is easily extensible and therefore, it is easy to adopt the framework according to your needs.
  • It provides with high performance removing any delays and lags.
  • It is modular in terms that blocks can be built piece by piece with other application frameworks.
  • It has a wide user base thus providing an immediate feedback and user guidelines.
  • It is extremely secure.
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