From December 4th,2021, E-Invoice in Saudi Arabia will be Phased in

Erpisto #1 E-Invoice in Saudi Arabia  General Authority of the pillar of Islam and Tax (GAZT) Arabia that has since incorporated with the Customs Authority to become the pillar of Islam, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) revealed its finalized e-invoicing legislation on twenty-eight might 2021. This makes e-invoices required for B2B, B2G, and B2C transactions, turning effective in 2 phases:

  • Phase one becomes effective on four Dec 2021
  • Phase 2 is due to begin on one Jan 2023

Erpisto #1 E-Invoice in Saudi Arabia

From December 4th,2021, E-Invoice in Saudi Arabia will be Phased in

This e-invoicing legislation had been underneath consultation since April 2021. However, other than the start date of the second section that ab initio was set at one June 2022, not abundant has been modified.

The  E-Invoice in Saudi Arabia mandate in Asian countries covers what is mentioned as normal tax invoices (or normal invoices) and simplified tax invoices (or simplified invoices) and so the debit or credit notes associated with every one of these 2 invoices sorts.

  • Standard tax invoices are used for B2B and B2G invoices.
  • Simplified tax invoices are used in B2C transactions.

The legislation stipulates that anyone resident in an Asian country for VAT functions should produce electronic invoices for domestic transactions. This does not apply to cross-border invoices or individual non-resident for VAT functions.

The exact needs for the format, the content, security measures, and office system varies by section and for the 2 invoice sorts.

Saudi Arabia needs that these invoices are held on in an associate degree electronic format at intervals between the kingdom’s borders.

Phase one – the generation section

Phase one of the e-invoicing legislation comes into impact on four Dec 2021. There’ll not nevertheless be a central e-invoicing platform. Instead, the intention is that suppliers can move far-off from written invoices and paper storage, and – in reality – become ready for section two.

In phase 1, VAT-registered taxpayers ought to

  • generate invoices in associate degree electronic format
  • using associate degree acceptable e-invoicing resolution. This may be operated on-premises, at intervals in the cloud, or in hybrid mode,
  • store e-invoices electronically and
  • send a duplicate of the invoice to the client.

During this section, there don’t seem to be any specific stipulations on the electronic invoice format, as long because the content complies with the needs of the standard invoice or simplified invoice. Simplified invoices, for example, need to contain a Quick Response code (QR code), generated by the electronic e-invoicing system. QR codes change customers to scan in relevant invoice knowledge victimization their mobile phones.

If you are simply getting down to introduce electronic invoices for the Asian countries, it would be prudent to implement one in all the formats which may become necessary in section two.

The e-invoicing resolution you utilize should fulfill sure security needs, like prohibiting uncontrolled user access or knowledge manipulation and creating it not possible to reset the counter for serial invoice listing, etc. However, at the current it’s unclear however and once the authorities may check and certify these anti-tamper measures.

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Phase two – the blending section

During the blending section, your ZATCA API GAZT in Saudi Arabia should be integrated with ZATCA’s new, central e-invoicing platform for Continuous group action Controls (CTC). There is a staggering beginning from one Jan 2023. Taxpayers affected by every stage are getting to be notified six months beforehand.

From section two onward

  • Invoices should be issued in one in all 2 stipulated formats
  1. Arab XML invoice that relies on UBL two.1 syntax and so the invoice definitions from nut one6931, however, narrowed by Saudi needs.
  2. PDF/A-3 invoice file with associate degree embedded Saudi XML invoice
  • E-invoicing solutions should embrace sure anti-tampering options, sort of a digital signature, and a hash worth as a universally distinctive symbol (UUID).
  • Invoices ought to endure ZATCA’s new e-Invoicing platform. This wants victimization API integration to connect your e-invoicing resolution to the central platform.

In short

The Kingdom of Asian countries is following the worldwide trend in required office  E-Invoice in Saudi Arabia and e-reporting. It’s introducing a replacement clearance platform by 2023. All through the underlying planning segment, starting four Dec 2021, invoices were to be created through consistent e-invoicing frameworks and hang on electronically.

The second stage goes to be unrolled from one Jan 2023. Throughout this section, the new central e-invoicing platform can begin to become necessary for the time period e-Invoicing clearance and e-reporting.

The challenge is – as continuously – to believe and implement every country’s individual legal needs

  1. While not having to have an effect on many completely different native suppliers at intervals the countries concerned,
  2. whereas making certain you meet the various technical needs for inward and outgoing invoicing, like stipulated knowledge formats and communication channels,
  3. And at the same time maintaining a straightforward and reliable association to the several ERP systems.

How will Erpisto help?

The Erpisto BIS  E-Invoice in Saudi Arabia permits you to manage your incoming and outgoing invoices, additionally providing extensions for deep method integration at intervals in any ERP system. This incorporates the consistent reconciliation of SAP S/4HANA by means of the SAP API Business Hub. We have a tendency to be an old supplier of cloud services with several years’ expertise in understanding and meeting the various needs in many countries at intervals the EU et al. with a single-source resolution.

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