TrackQlik # 1 Geofencing software in tunis-tunisia is a virtual barrier that can be set up by a business around its store or another particular location. The business can then leverage this location-based technology to help improve the overall customer experience, match the right user with the right content, deliver personalised notifications straight to their device, and gain insight into customers’ movements and behaviour. Geofencing software In tunis-tunisia allows businesses to interact with customers in ways that were simply not possible before. Smartphones today are more secure, more connected, more persuasive and more location-aware than ever before.

TrackQlik # 1 Geofencing software in tunis-tunisia 

How To Attract More Customers Through Geofencing software In tunis-tunisia?
How To Attract More Customers Through Geofencing software In tunis-tunisia?

How geofencing can attract more customers

A survey carried out by Accenture in November 2015 concluded that almost 50% of smartphone users who shopped both online and in store felt excited about the prospect of receiving real time promotions straight to their device. This showcases that customers want to be reached out to and do respond well to the messages tailored to them. They are excited to receive specific messages and to be rewarded when they are in the area of their favourite brands.

How Geofencing Can Be Used In Different Businesses


Issue a special offer or discount delivery notification to customers that must be redeemed within the next 2 hours in order to be valid. This entices nearby customers to the store. Not only will this encourage a customer to visit the store, but it will also encourage them to look at the purchase so they don’t miss out on the amazing offer.

Restaurant / Bar

A simple news alert to nearby consumers about daily specials, food deals or beverage promotions. Which is to say … who can rule out the promotion of a good beverage?

Cinema house

Inform your daily list of nearby customers and tell them the times or provide a coupon to redeem them before the end of the day. Geofencing software In tunis-tunisia made them intend to go to their place to watch a newly released movie instead of dimming it down on Friday night just to see the old trash.

Beauty salon

Last minute canceled and don’t want to affect business profits ?? Tell the users in your area about the behavior and time limit you have available to them. You never know who might need an emergency nail appointment nearby! Also, in a busy salon, it can be difficult to see a client coming in that has to discontinue the middle treatment. A Geofencing software In tunis-tunisia could be used to prompt your customers to check in after they arrived at the salon and they were informed that someone would be with them as soon as possible.


Speed ​​up the check-in process by prompting your guests to take a digital check-in after entering the lobby. This is a great opportunity for them to offer upgrades and highlight the special features. They gain from these features. In addition, continue to customize the complete stay at the hotel. Using Tracking software in tunis-tunisia to offer your guests in-room service.


With GPS Tracking in tunis-tunisia you are able to interact with your potential customers in a completely unique and targeted way. The main purpose is to build relationships with your customers. Thus emphasizing their brand experience and attracting them to your premises on a regular basis. The more customers you have in your store or premises, the more likely you are to increase your profits.

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Here you can see the success story of PeopleQlik. AkzoNobel has transformed SAP from our leading product PeopleQlik to automate basic HR and payroll for Level HR Operations (formerly ICI). PeopleQlik is an ideal choice for a group of companies that are functionally looking rich.

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Geofencing software in tunis-tunisia 

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