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Fundamental game changer in Student Administration & Learning Management

campusqlik provides integrated SIS, LMS, CRM and many more tools for small Academics, Schools, Higher Education Colleges and Universities.

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If you are in education, be it Small Academy, K-12, School, College or University, Campusqlik provides an innovative and unified approach to student information system and learning management system

Old Fragmented Way
Old Fragmented Way
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    Rethink the way you think Education Management

    Imagine a completely unified platform that enables you to manage every administrative and learning aspect of your education institution.

    Campusqlik provides tools from paperless pre-admission, student management, learning management, financial management, campus recruitment to alumni management. It also offers educational institutions with monetization opportunities through optional modules such as E-commerce. Our current customer base spans 87 countries from small ballet classes (20+) to large universities (10,000+), which makes the solution extremely versatile and scalable.

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    campusqlik SIS And LMS

CampusQlik is an easy but powerful student management platform for small scale educational institutions.

We offer seamless student information system for the musical institutions, ballet classes and language classes and specialized small scale academies.

CampusQlik is preferred and top most choice for small and growing educational institutions. No matter what you teach or what services you are offering, you always want a platform which can retain the existing students, streamline the administration and increase the enrollments.

CampusQlik offers the Pre-admission module which is designed to accept and manage new enrolments in an academy

Modules including Student lifecycle management and Student Information System are also available in the system

Learning Management System and related integrations are offered according to client needs

Cloud Based model let you pay the subscription rental charges

Online fee payment facility to pay the dues online

Alumni Management to let members from alumni get interaction with each other.

What our Client Say

"Campusqlik has given us the tools to help us increase our enrolments by more than 100%. Management of our existing students is now easier then ever."
Tabatha Southey, Director Tabatha Dance Academy

CampusQlik is not only a school management software but it’s a complete system to educate people in an easy, beautiful and powerful manner.

When you set up CampusQlik once, then everything keeps on happening naturally and effortlessly because of its advanced features and remarkable integration capabilities.

CampusQlik is one of the best school management software which provides support to complete school functions right from the attendance management to the reports. No matter you require better school administration or want to learn the best way of managing learning curriculums, CampusQlik helps you to ensure better learning environment with lower administrative load.

CampusQlik handles everything in school operations management ranging from the Pre-admission to alumni and everything in-between.

We offer the most advanced and customizable gradebook based on school needs

Enhancement of Social learning through integration with the Learning Management System

Advanced user permissions options for perfect User rights management and authorizations

Separate and Dedicated portals for students, parents, teachers, and administrators

What our Client Say

"At the end of the day teachers and students need to be happy teaching and learning. We finally have a platform that helps us improve and track all our key metrics of performance."
Taylor Thompson, GoldSprout Education Group

Opt for CampusQlik to ensure Smart Learning, Better Admin Controls and Reliable Teaching

CampusQlik completely facilitates the education management through its smart operational capabilities for higher education and colleges. It is designed and build in the cloud to let the teachers and students connect and collaborate efficiently and effectively. You can easily revolutionize the student information system along with the learning management through real time access to everything you need at any time.

CampusQlik handles all the things related to the college management operations starting from the pre-admissions to the campus recruitment and things in between them.

You can easily manage social learning for your school

Engage best resources available with us and achieve smart analytics through advanced learning management and student information system

Additional apps and integrations support

It support all the enterprise functions with an easy integration for google apps and other tools.

What our Client Say

"Information is all there at our fingertips and we can tap into real-time information, anytime. Campusqlik helps us make decisions faster be it an individual student learning needs or overall operational efficiency. That's efficiency for you."
Michael Lee Chow - Dean, MJS School of Engineering

CampusQlik, a Perfect university management software to handle university operations

PeopleQlik provide new ways of thinking to increase an operational efficiency by retaining the rich educational traditions

CampusQlik is a university management software which has many more things than LMS and SIS functions. Take complete care of campus recruitment, departments working, student engagement and other related and associated function. CampusQlik software is designed and developed through the use of industry best practices and everyone can be completely sure that all your data is kept safe. CampusQlik gives you deployment flexibility to opt for cloud or on-site deployment. Easy deployment options with smart functionalities allow you to pay only subscription based charges without any hardware charges or any additional dues.

Google apps and other required integrations

CampusQlik gives you flexible deployment options in the form of cloud or client side deployment

24/7 Technical Support is available to let the customers get all the issues resolved (if any)

We have specialists who provide professional services for customization, end user support, training and adoption

You can easily access CampusQlik from Web, android and iOS

What our Client Say

"One of the things about Campusqlik is that the platform's flexibility and ability to customize. It is incredibly simple yet powerful for our team to learn and adapt. Adoption and change management was made by the Campusqlik team and its partner Netpro"
Obinna Chukwuma, ICT Director Imo State Polytechnic
Course & Academic Management
Fees & Donation
Gradebook & Reportcard
Academic year management

Student Information System

  • Course & Academic Management
  • Pre-admission
  • Parents, Teacher & Student Portal
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Class Scheduling & Events
  • Messaging SMS & Email
  • E-Commerce
  • Library
  • Fees & Donation
  • Grade Book and Assessment
  • Financial Accounting
  • Alumni
  • Academic Year