BI Reporting Dashboard

BI Reporting Dashboard

Now with Bilytica’s  Data Visualization Tools you have access to your entire data than ever before, much of it stored within the cloud and coming from heterogeneous sources. With this ever-growing pool of data can be made helpful in solid data-based decisions and to get competitive advantage in your industry. Key Areas are identified and charts from KPI dashboards ensure that data is secure and nothing lost or slip through cracks.

Data analytics Tools and many dashboard services are rigid and not compatible with the many services you already have installed. Bilytica reporting dashboards integrate with all BI Services and cloud-based services hence allows you to visualize your data and create dashboards all within the same and single integrated tool.


A comprehensive dashboard is focused and clean. It answers a few questions at a time, and provides quick view that is easy to monitor at a glance. Bilytica provide full data dashboard customization. It’s flexible enough to compatible with any of your previous services.

Bilytica BI Reporting dashboards is all you need for your data visualization services, it encourage collaboration within your organization. It empower everyone with important company information, all departments within your organization can make solid, data-based decisions from the most recent data in a single dashboard. Especially the marketing team has answers that the finance department may require, or vice versa. Data Visualization Tools enable all team members to view enhanced communication and data relationships of entire organization’s data.


To survive in this digital and competitive market, you need data insights at the speed of thought. Bilytica provides a fast and trustworthy way to connect to solutions across the web, visualize entire data, and share your data insights in BI dashboards with your team.

Our effective Business Intelligence Solutions provide drag-and-drop chart creation. Bilytica combines an easy-to-use policy with powerful Big Data Analytics under the hood. Keep everyone in your decision making team on the same page with dashboards. Make spreadsheets to create Excel dashboards and reports. Unite Sales force and ROI data to create KPI dashboards. Bilytica provides you with the flexibility that you need in extracting data from your cloud-based apps, along with powerful analytics tools under the hood.

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