Training Methodology

At Bilytica, we specialize in the development of innovative learning solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Any of our scheduled courses can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our programs employ proven learning strategies such as traditional or virtual classroom delivery, simulations, scenario-based activities, live Webinars and blended learning solutions.

Following a thorough assessment, design a customized learning solution, which may be a blend of classroom courses, e-learning materials, and reference books.

Development After the design has been accepted; develop a customized solution-a process that requires both technical and training expertise.

Deliver Now implement a coordinated and fully managed cost effective program.

EvaluationThroughout the project and upon completion, work with the client to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution and to calculate the return on investment (ROI).

Hybrid Training Solutions – Providing Training against Your Own Data and Business Problems

At Bilytica, we believe in improving and extending the learning experience by bridging traditional teaching methods with innovative technology and approaches.
By integrating newer training technologies into traditional training curriculum more effective and consistent programs are created with measurable cost reductions.
Using our Hybrid Training solution we:

Cover the Basics – with most subjects, there are usually some fundamentals that you just need to absorb. We put the skills transfer in place so that we get everyone on the same page for step 2, where the real learning takes place.

Identify a Business Problem – once the basics are in place, we identify a business problem and start building a solution. Typically this means that the Instructor is building the solution in front of you. By adopting this approach it means that we have explained the principles learned in part 1, transferred the skill which leads in to introducing new techniques and principles when they are needed, rather than up-front in some unrelated session.

Repeat with a Few More Problems – identify another business problem or a different approach to the first problem, dive in and repeat.

Down the Track – Once you’ve had some time to put the skills into action, now is the time to consider consolidating that knowledge with Tips, Tricks and Techniques session. Maybe even a Lunch & Learn session could work for your organization.

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