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BI dashboards help users to tech-savvy to make better business decisions. But it’s difficult to create a dashboard and simply not is enough to list all the relevant data. After creating a dashboard for what metrics the user want to track, you then have to focus on the most effective visualization. The perfect BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia dashboard needs a balance between psychology and best practices.

Six principles of interpretation

Proximity: Our brains can group different elements that are located nearby one another.

Similarity: When objects are similar in shape, size and color. Our brains will correlate them even when they aren’t grouped together.

Enclosure: We recognize that objects are a part of a group if they’re surrounded by a border.

Clousre: When a design is incomplete, our brains will build regions and fill in the missing elements.

Continuity: We perceive aligned objects to be a continuous series.

Connections: Objects connected by a line will be seen as a group.

Dashboard Design

Dashboard design should only represent information which is relevant to your objective. In the visual display of quantitative data, In dashboard, data ink is an element of a visual that can’t be Qlikview Consulting services in Saudi Arabia erased without critical context. A well-designed dashboard will maximize its data ink proportion.

Non-data-ink category

Overuse of color:

 Rainbow color isn’t compulsory, too many colors can be confusing. Also never use those colors that are too similar. If you are using various shades of the similar colors, than make sure it the shades are different enough to distinguish at a glance.


Break up the data into different windows, use scroll bars to see a complete graph Teradata Consulting services in Saudi Arabia, you run the risk of users missing key information.

Guide Lines & borders:

These should be used separately, when the context is accurately needed.

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