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I feel that there is a need to get an exact idea about what is deriving cloud onto the analytics, what are the main challenges that will appear to be stunned in next 5 years and how we will tackle them?

Data is everywhere

We are quickly approaching a point where much of the planet (including ourselves) will be equipped, our thoughts / experiences and ideas captured through social media apps, most digitally created document stored somewhere. Everything that can be digitized will be. So how we will be able to start to unravel all this data and make it work for our benefits?

Analytics on everything

Key areas we are considering are making use of all the data we now have at our disposal around how a customer co-operates with an organization and other groups. This require new analytical techniques to link all this data using differing forms of data stores to traditional RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) engine. There are many areas where we need to detect risk or fraud in tax returns through sensor to enable humans to analyse, predict and suggest better ways to manage data.

Big Data Analytics in Algeria is becoming more and more persistent, Google Analytics Premium offered by Google, for their sellers. This compromises many forms of analytics and features that allow analysis of visitors to a seller site regardless of the device. The analytics can look across all platforms and appreciate how the customer interacts with the seller’s services more intelligently.

All these advances also comes with risks; the number of unconvinced customers using these services has activated to rise as the variety of ways to reach a customer through the use of such omnipresent technology has increased. The mobile phone has been a key player in this ‘always on’ society. If data across multiple networks and supply chains isn’t combined up sensibly then when contact is made with a customer the potential to do harm to reputation and brand rises meaningfully, through ill-informed contented.

Bilytica is an industry-leading business analytics and consultancy organization. It is providing unique and state of art technologies for Big Data Analytics and Business intelligence consultancy in Algeria. Bilytica’s skilled professionals are using efficient analytical algorithms and techniques to give better Data Visualization Solutions.


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