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Despite the current notion that business intelligence and artificial intelligence are separate disciplines, AI-powered BI is an idea that should get more attention. Over the past month, many conferences are dedicated to both poles of the analytics spectrum: business intelligence and artificial intelligence. For their deep study business intelligence based products trainings like Qlikview consulting services in Singapore have an edge on all products.

Both involve number crunching at their core. But while BI is primarily retrospective in nature, while AI is all about the future. The statistical analysis behind BI is primarily about basic counts, in contrast with the ultra-sophisticated machine learning and deep learning algorithms that underpin AI.

In vast vision spectrum, machine learning algorithms deployed in BI software will tell businesses what’s interesting in their historical data. Right now, analysts typically have to define metrics for BI tools to track. It’s a manual process and it only makes visible data the company already knows is important.

But machine learning-enabled BI could delve deeper into a business’ unknown unknowns, finding insights in previously unexamined data. Taken a step further, Artificial Intelligence based Teradata Consulting Services in Singapore could take advantage of natural language generation capabilities to explain to the business what these insights mean and how they might act on them.

This isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea. BI vendor sector announced a data discovery component to its software that automatically reviews data and alerts users to new and potentially interesting features. Other vendors are also adding machine learning components to their software. Oracle Consulting Services in Singapore firm Gartner has been talking about smart data discovery. But it wasn’t until this detailed report on Business Intelligence and data analytics platforms that declared smart data discovery to the next disruptor in the Business Intelligence software market.

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