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Business Intelligence always have force of people working to capture data, analyze data and visualize data(Data Visualization Solutions in Botswana) . These force of people is doing well enough but sometimes it leads to bottle neck that can slow the process of data analytics. In past few years numerous BI tools can help you to get all data analytics and visualization with accuracy and efficiency.

These analytics tools are doing everything with accuracy and improved speed. In 2017 with the variation of level of understanding of visualization methodology, experts believes that that the success of Business intelligence is hidden in the combination of BI tools with Machine Learning. Shift from BI to AI is the best solutions for all big data related problems.

BI Consulting Services in Botswana also support this point of view, and incorporate the services of the Machine Learning in the Big Data Analytics tool and BI tools like Qlikview .Machines are driving the path to get better data insights and machines are now taking the hold and center stage in the business intelligence processing. In the opinion of some people machines are more capable and strong in their ability of decision making other than the human beings. Human have inferior mind and machines are with actual mind to help us to get accurate data visualization and analytics services.

We at Bilytica do not think so, we believe that the human mind is wonderful resource and gift from our God. We believes the other school of thought….. Human brains is not inferior and AI is different things it is not about that the human being is not doing well enough but it is the use of human mind to do things in better and improved ways. Our mind and consciousness tells us how to train machine so that can help us in decision making?

Online BI Training and consulting in Botswana  now include special course for Machine learning and Natural Language Processing. It can help to you and your Business Partner in  to take your business to new digital word with state of art technologies.

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Phone#: +61386585993


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