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Some of the most important news in the world of Big Data vs. Small Data today is China’s plan to establish a kind of social credit score. It allows the government to classify its citizens according to their behavior, social actions and online decisions. In a document called “Planning scheme for the construction of a social credit system”, China can encourage people to behave and do acts that benefit society. It is news like this that we can see the potential and the future of Big Data Analytics  in Portugal . Whether you are in the flow processing business or digital content business, you must understand the dynamics behind Big Data to adapt to your environment.

Era of Big data

At this moment there is an explosion of Big Data in several fields. All the social commitments that people make online and their actions will shape society, as can be seen in what is happening right now in China. This is one of the many reasons why companies should know more about Big Data and how they can help businesses. Suppliers, customers and shipments can now be monitored with the innovation found in the lineup of offers. Companies must understand the impact and benefits of BI Solutions  in Portugal   in their environment that was previously Small Data.

Big Data and business

Due to the entry of large amounts of data into the hands of companies, there is now an increase in the search for employees that can help reduce large numbers and analyze them to get an idea necessary for companies to grow. This new change in the field of small data businesses also means that companies will seek and require specialists who know how to handle the most important concerns of the massive influx of information currently. The information that Big Data provides on how companies operate also poses a dramatic change in the way in which the previous Small Data business is carried out. When people had to manually control the company’s inventory, where it is sent and how it is done, today’s Big Data changes will make all this even more efficient. The automatic software can do the difficult calculation work and will provide a better amortization in terms of sales.

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