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Access to the right data matters

If one want to realize the potential of big data then he need to understand what it is capable of, what data is out there and from where every piece of data coming from. Without such transparency and understanding, it is not possible to persuade people to rely on the findings.

People have a native suspicion of numbers. We can recognize that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is too much complex, but in the search to calculate our existence; we have allowed our lives to be ruled by numbers. We calculate the calories in our food, we calculate the minutes on our daily commute, and we definitely count up the number of emails in our inboxes. We use our past experience to decide which numbers are best and which numbers are not good. If we have not managed our lives by numbers, we would be overweight, delayed and overwhelmed.

However, there is increasing size of data in our lives where we are not assured of the origin. The failure of belief polling has already been broadly debated, and if such a “fine art” can take it in wrong way, who is saying that Big Data is any dissimilar?

If Big Data is to have the collision that it could have, there is some serious Big data analytics required. People have to understand what Big Data analysis in Dominica is capable of, what information is coming out there and from where every piece of data comes from. Without this transparency and understanding, you will never able persuading an intelligent group of people to depend upon the findings.

Part of this transparency begins with a story. Considering numbers on their own doesn’t mean to most people, but when they hear the context behind them, they start to understand their consequence. These stories require time and imagination, and this is what sets separately the best Data Visualization Solutions in Dominica – they can decode the numbers into a language that their team understands. They can allay their doubts and draw them into the story.


The second side of transparency is the requirement to illustrate the numbers “warts and all.” If the analytical team gets a sense that the information in the form of numbers has been doctored to support a certain cause, they will refuse them out of hand. Each statistical set has exceptions and rather than present a spotless set of numbers, these anomaly should also be incorporated. This gives a fuller picture to the decision makers, and the numbers will seem more normal in Business intelligence services in Dominica.

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