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Customer satisfaction and BI Solutions:

Business Intelligence Solutions in Lithuania helping organization to extract, manage and analyze their data. A better data management and Big data analytics is what you need to elevate the customer trust level.

Migrating data

Data migration, one of the toughest and severe priority phase of data warehouse. The whole database or even application has to be migrated to other one. It needs to be done carefully to avoid duplicate or missed records scenario.

Renovating data

Data renovation involves changing of data format from old database to new one for a better representation of data with Business Intelligence fusion.

Masking data

Removing redundancies and optimizing database for an efficient response time and throughput. It needs exceptional skills to optimize data to enhance throughput.

These phases look quite easy, but can cause severe issues to down market your organization and business if not dealt wisely. Bilytica, a Business Intelligence and Analysis service providers are equipped with capable resources having vast experience in developing Enterprise Data Warehousing Solutions in Lithuania , at reasonable budget. So, don’t worry if your business model is lacking Business Intelligence, Bilytica professionals can help you out.

Customer Churn:

Telephonic services

Handling customers queries, giving them information and satisfying their requirements on phone call is a good way to make customers. For example, in a buffet system hotel, if a customer calls and asks for details tell them in detail about menu, price and sitting options. Ask them if they want to reserve they will be priority guest. This increases consumer engagement and they will adopt or at least give a chance to your product and services. Moreover, calling a customer after delivering product to have a feedback or suggestion can improve customer relationship.


Online chats for customer supports and customer queries can provide the customer with ease and trust and can lead to good repute of your business.

Social media

Social media is a powerful platform for marketing and social recognition of your business and organization. Posting and marketing products on social media channels and quickly responding to customers inquiries and questions can help in building your organization’s repute as these platforms are public and people having not a direct concern with your organization and products can also see your products. Big data analytics can also help in customer relation management here.


E-mail marketing and taking feedback from customers on email is also encouraged to engage customers and stakeholders.

Bilytica, a Business Intelligence and Analysis service provides helps your organization in maintaining BI Reporting Dashboard to enhance your organization’s customer relationship management.

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