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Business Intelligence is a mature, advance and robust market. In past few years organization are spending more than 26$ worldwide on BI software platforms, Big data management technology, and data analytics applications, according to technology analyst firm Gartner. Like any mature organization that’s seeing vibrant sales activity, it’s full-grown for innovation and transformation. At the 2017 Business Intelligence Solution in Jordan and Big Data Analytics, two widespread themes underscored this potential: Decline in the Demand for traditional dashboard BI tools and self-service analytics is growing. The BI consumer center of focus has shifted from IT to the business user. These themes beg a few questions: What’s the matter with old and traditional dashboards, and what should do business users plunk to gain from a more direct connection to products? Let’s consider these one at a time.

From IT to Business Users

This basic question is the underlying reason for the shift from IT to the business user as buyer. It’s the business side that m immediately needs insights to make solid decisions. The continuing commoditization of enterprise-class applications has known business users the appetite and the ability to obtain and use the tools they require when they need them. But if they’re not exporting dashboard applications like they used to, what exactly are they verdict useful enough to buy?

Looking for innovation and transformation, executives and their teams are moving to plain-English narrative reports for getting clear, personalized and timely business insights. Narrative reports corresponding clear, actionable information free of muddle and visual noise.

Narrative reports clarify complex ideas.

BI Dashboards in Jordan should give provide narrative reports while providing charts and graphs because they require interpretation, words depart nothing to guesswork. Narrative reports clearly explain business issues using concrete terms, giving ever end user the language they need to communicate results and decide what actions should follow.

Narrative reports engage people.

Because they are with an inherent structure and also vary in tone and style, reports grasp a reader’s attention and tell a whole story about a business, business utility, team or individual.

There is any number of use cases for narrative Data Visualization Solutions in Jordan provided by dashboards. Here are a few I am considering as the most prevalent:

  • Reports for sales performance
  • Reports for financial performance
  • Reports Campaign performance
  • Reports for Web analytics
  • Reports for IT management
  • Reports for supply chain

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