Dark Data is The Hidden Billion Dollar Opportunity: Big Data Analytics in Egypt

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Every major organization collects stores and keep log of dark data. It’s the digital equivalent of emotional baggage which lurks around after every client interaction, transaction, and customer engagement. In fact, not using data effectively can result in loss of revenue.

Dark data can be described as Information assets that organizations collect, analyze and store in the course of their routine business process, but fail to use for other purposes.

For many big corporations with a strong online presence, dark data represents a customizable portion of all data stored on BI Reporting Dashboards .

These data points or aspects are often overlooked by marketing teams as serving any more useful purpose, as there is a perception that this kind of information is only collected for compliance and fraud.


But how can you turn dark data into active, revenue generating data? This is where Bilytica’s Business Intelligence services in Egypt show up in the larger picture to find new ways of activating dark data to provide new opportunities for your organization. While big data can appear cloudy and tedious on the surface; there are methods to turn it into highly modular, rich customer insights.

Here are a few key steps to get you started on the above examples:

  1. Not only does this give insight to homophile of the user and fuel your social network graph of which users are centrally connected and impactful, but it also provides rich insight into their family and workplace. Link this data with social graphing, and you’ll quickly obtain age, gender, and behavioral traits.
  2. Mobile phone data. This simple piece of data will light up an array of new product and marketing occasions, and provide an additional separate layer to improve marketing effectiveness.


  1. Free text input, such as feedback can be passed through cognitive text analysis tools to determine if the general sentiment of the feedback is positive of negative. Synchronizing the user profile to your internal database can also determine if this user is sending mixed messages on social media compared to surveys and feedback forms.


Dark data can be an extremely powerful weapon when executed and you can eventually use Big data analytics in Egypt to accomplish this task. It’s the key to finding new meaningful insights, creating new revenue opportunities, developing new partnerships and shifting your business into the data-driven century.

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