Big Data Analytics Trends in South Africa Paving the path for BI Reporting Dashboards

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As big data takes hold in the business world, the cloud enables small and mid-sized businesses to take advantage of the concept.

At its basic core, big data consists of large volumes of information culled from various sources and then analyzed to derive statistical value. These metrics become particularly useful for measuring industries, humanistic tendencies, behavior and interactions. Many big software giants are providing services for cultivation of big data, also as the back-end analytics engines.

Bilytica is recent trend setter in providing Big Data Analytics Solutions in South Africa which can help you give clear insight in the form of useful information.

Previously, such data collection was a mundane and particularly tedious task. In the past decade, a data analyst had an especially boring job. Archaic green-screen machines spit out seemingly endless spreadsheets that were riddled with errors — and required human oversight at all times.

The truth is that without big data, cloud computing wouldn’t be as powerful as it has become; and without cloud computing, there wouldn’t be such a thing as big data. The rise of cloud computing and cloud data stores has been a precursor and facilitator to the emergence of big data. Bilytica’s BI services helps you take control of all these new technologies and provides your very competitive services in the vast domain of Business Intelligence Solutions in South Africa.

There are various fields in which these services can help in future insight.


Leveraging Big Data To Inform Business Strategy


Small to mid-market businesses across various industries are using big data insights to drive multiple top and bottom-line gains.  Many companies for example in financial and retail sector, are combining the data from their ecommerce, call center and catalog channels to drive a deeper understanding of their customers’ evolving needs and the products that best satisfy them.


Big Data Experience Begins with Employees and Company Culture


While the benefits of big data are apparent, knowing how and when to apply it and how to do so quickly and efficiently, this take time, which is a major barrier for small to mid-market businesses. Small to medium size businesses need to foster company cultures that prioritize Data Visualization throughout their whole organizations in order to acquire the necessary analytics experience. From top hierarchy, for example, executives should recognize the potential of the cloud and big data and be willing to promote new projects, while enabling managers to spearhead projects, keeping them laser-focused on business needs and goals.

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