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In last decade, mobile computing and emergence of smartphones has put technology on the palm, making information sharing an easiest task of the world. One can have pool of information just on a tap. World has become a global village with emergence of mobilization trends and social platforms. This shift in computing, information sharing and gathering has made its roots in almost all fields. BI Reporting Dashboard in Slovenia and BI mobile applications has changed business trends and techniques too.

In old days, people used to log into the system to check business affairs like clients request, your organization’s response answer, client’s decision, in-house activities and employees performance reports and other matters. This system of organization has lags in decision making and there is less room for thinking with long term vision before making decision. An employee or even high authorities have their computer systems in organization’s place, so during stay at home or weekends, there is no collaboration between organizations pillars. Hence, resulting in making decisions in haste when they read a mail that was received 2 days ago or even losing a client.

Business needs proactive and predictive planning and organization of decisions. From a small business to a large organization, clients need prompted response to make a deal. Delay in contact and response affect organizations repute negatively. So, from above discussion, technology gaps and advancements matters a lot in business, and can make or fall the business.

Mobile phones are designed to make ease in communication with fast information sharing. With their ability to do tasks like computer and having small size they can help in connecting with clients and in-house people. Mobile BI have replaced desktop working environment. With BI Mobile Applications, organizations can handle intelligence reports, fast and effective communication with customers and stakeholders, in-house activities check and balance by monitoring employees even if not in the office or is on some work outside of workplace. Notification technologies of Business Intelligence reporting dashboard has enabled organizations to alert your organization with every minute detail and happening and enable you to be in a position to take action within seconds. Bilytica, a BI Company in Slovenia provides Analysis service to facilitate your organization with mobile services to customize your business using BI Consulting Services in Slovenia and mobile technologies to have your business on your palm at each and every minute.

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