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Bilytica provides optimal QlikView Consulting Services and Big data Analytics tools in Hong Kong that has now unlocked the secrets of money movements, helped prevent major disasters and thefts and understand consumer behavior. Banks obtain the most profits from big data as they now can extract good information rapidly and easily from their data and convert it into meaningful benefits for themselves and their customers. Big data analytics tools are being magnificently used in banking sector, with respect to following aspects:

  • Spending patterns for customers
  • improve client retention, cross-selling and possession, customer segmentation and profiling
  • Security and fraud management
  • Sentiment and feedback analysis
  • Enhance contact rates and reclamation rates

Bilytica is providing best QlikView Consulting Services in Hong Kong that allows you to explore visual view of information and helps you to manage all associations in data automatically.  Our services help you to accelerate time to value, mitigate risks and achieve better ROI.

Impact of Bid Data on Major Areas:

  1. Customer centric

With the quality of lead analytics banks provide client experience closed feedback loop and real time allocation based offerings.

  1. Risk Management

Banking Analytics Solutions in Hong Kong alongside Big information is being utilized to discover and assess monetary hazard and wrongdoing administration, by essential identification of the relationship between budgetary wrongdoing and components of the exchange.

  1. Transactions

Transactions and trading, when followed over a period of time, tend to travel a lot of information about the nature of trade, long analytics, trading sentiments and other aspects. Banks leverage big data in this regard to handle transactions efficiently.

  1. Customer Profitability

Personalized assistances are expected to play a big role in attracting and retaining the most profitable customers in banks. With the help of big data behavioral economies of each customer can be easily analyzed that tend to increase customer profitability.

  1. Operational Efficiency

Fully automated Baking Analytics Solutions in Hong Kong increase operations efficiency by reducing manual human mistakes in banking sector and helps to reduce duplicative system, manual reconciliation tasks and information technology costs.

  1. Fraud Detection

In banks fraud detection is a life-threatening activity that can handle a series of fraud schemes and activity from bank employees and customers. Banking is a highly regulated industry; therefore banks use big data analytics solutions in this area against fake and criminal activity.

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