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In a competitive environment insurance company needs to balance capacity constraints, identify new opportunities and emerging risks. Insurance Analytics solutions give you automated generated reports revenue and income comparisons to grow your business. The reports can be customized and generated according to needs and wants of organization. Analytics solutions also improve operational efficiency and increase persistency rate in insurance company.

Bilytica Big Data Analytics solutions help you to manage and understand the performance of your business organization in a better way. It offers you best insurance analytics solution that cover complete spectrum of insurance business from sale and market distribution. This analytic solution provides you dashboard that has ability to showcase multiple scenarios of the business which can assist you in taking right decisions across the line of business.

Key Benefits of using Bilytica Business Intelligence Solutions:

  • Automation of sales contest
  • Get a full view of customers across channels.
  • Engage your customers in real-time
  • Visualize success across enterprise
  • Pre-built rule-based dashboards for comprehensive list of metrics in insurance company.
  • Reduce loss ratio
  • Business planning and sales forecast
  • Treat data in a strategic asset

Bilytica Insurance Analytics Solutions offer:

Claim analytics:

Using claim analytics you can create claims lists and targeting tools to support fraud abuse strategies focused on provider.

Premium forecasting:

It helps you to estimate future premiums and creating an interactive report that facilitates quick insight to predict expenses. It can help organizations to predict market behavior and respond proactively.

Fraud detection:

Data analysis has introduced tools to make fraud review and detection possible in areas such as underwriting and policy renewals. It detects and prevents both opportunistic and professional fraud throughout the claims process.

Revenue comparison:

Revenue comparison tool provides you yearly comparison supervision of data for faster decision making and to create interactive time series report.

Each functional module provided by Bilytica Business intelligence tools and Oracle Consulting Services help you in-depth coverage to ensure business users has sufficient information for effective decision making and faster business growth in insurance industry.

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