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The experts in Bilytica have been providing professional services and support to most of the companies all over the world. We are helping to achieve higher levels of growth, profit and efficiency.  As an expert in BI services we can help you to make more solid data driven decisions by delivering Qlikview Consulting Services in Oman.

Why Business choose QlikView?

  • Empowering relevant data from multiple destinations into one application
  • Analyze associations in business data
  • Allows social decision making by real-time and secure collaborations
  • Data Visualizations through modern graphs and charts
  • Make searches for all types of data directly or indirectly
  • Create interaction among dashboards, analytics and dynamic apps
  • Access, Analyze and monitor data from mobile devices

Big Data Consulting Services includes QlikView that is useful for reporting and can handle billions of data and its resources.

  • Associative Technology– thinking is based on associations. QlikView gives astounding abilities to further make a jump into ocean of data. Bore down, Click on various related to selected data and you are prepared to run with the new report. Jumping into the data is never simple, however QlikView makes it to seem as though it is. Pick your measurements and explore them on a wide range of levels, identified with many measurements.
  • In Memory Data load— QlikView is a quick tool, regardless of the possibility that you are working with billion records and many tables. How is this conceivable? In memory information stack is a standard innovation utilized as a part of QlikView. The device stacks the information in the RAM memory of your PC or Server. This implies you rely upon the RAM limit of your machine. The more RAM you have, the better it would be.
  • Intuitive — QlikView is very easy to work with. One perfectly developed application is highly intuitive and end user doesn’t need to train. They simply get in the device and begin making determinations.

QlikView is a software tool from Data Visualization Solutions in Oman that most of companies used to handle Big data. We are providing number of services such as:

  • Business consulting services
  • Project Governance
  • Installation of Qlik products
  • Upgrading
  • QlikView training
  • Solution Architecture incorporating Big Data

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