In Peru BI Services Accounted for Half of Revenue Growth: Tips For 2018

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Cloud share, total revenue, profit, forecasts … it was all up at SAP in 2016. Vital information about your sales performance and customers may be buried away within your SAP based system. Rather than helping your business make better or more informed decisions, these valuable nuggets of information lie hidden and undiscovered. Maybe you have been using this system for a very long time but it is more likely possible that you have not used this system at its full potential.

Bilytica’s SAP Big Data Analytics Services in Peru helps companies across the globe sift through and reveal the gold lying in their SAP based systems. It also provides many other Business Intelligence Solutions in Peru to almost cater you any kind of need.

The agility and future growth of your organization could be at stake. Your ability to respond to fluctuations in the market and changing customer behaviors may be limited because:

– Your sales and commercial decisions are based more on gut feeling rather than informed insight.

– To get access to the sales and business reports demands you to make a request to the IT department that may take weeks for a response.

– Making changes to those reports, or deep analysis for further information, is near impossible without a highly qualified expert available to customize SAP’s reporting mechanism.

– Issues affecting sales and revenue are identified and raised well after the fact.

Well Bilytica provides you a complete solution to this problem and you don’ have to anymore about these problems.

Easy to customize, SAP BI Services in Peru is quick, flexible and allows you to extract data from any source for quick analysis. It gives you the ability to:

–          View the data you need at the time and the place that you need it

–          Instantly drill down on customer and sales information by geographical region

–          Make immediate comparisons of different trends over specified time frames.

–          Make informed decisions and take immediate action.


Many leading organizations use SAP for their ERP system and Sap BI services as their analysis tool. They use it to empower their sales and management teams. So it can become a profit making machine for you.

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