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2017 was a landmark year for big data and business intelligence with more organizations saving, processing, and getting value from data of all types, forms and sizes. Till 2016 35% organization were making use of the business intelligence services and were taking advantage of the big data analytics. At the end of 2017 46% organizations planned to introduce the BI in their working style and put the Business intelligence services at the top of the working plane for 2018.

Now in 2018, more than 52% organization are making use of the BI and adapting new trends for big data. To get an idea of ​​the importance of the BI technologies in this era is the raising advancements in the BI field, its getting more and more mature and accurate day by day. The peak of the progress in the BI field is on the increase in 2018 ever before. The rapid innovation makes it crucial for every organization regardless of the business type and size. 2018 comes with the big data analytical software that support large volumes of both unstructured and structured data will continue to go up.

Now the market demand is the platforms that help data custodians direct and sheltered big data while empowering end users for data analysis. These software and Big Data Analytics Solutions in Thailand will mature to manage in better way inside of enterprise IT systems and standards. Some new trends in 2018 are Spark and machine learning light up big data Machine learning is the new trends introduced in BI field. Machine learning is the process of making machines more intelligent, as they can behave like real human. Machine is making machine smarter to make sound decision based on the facts that related to specific condition. Big data analytics can be performed by intelligent machine in better way and hence they can make smart decisions.

Business intelligence is introducing smart and intelligent dashboards that are also good example of machine learning. By machine learning process BI Reporting Dashboards in Thailand are intelligent enough to give quick view and comparison of structured and unstructured data. Companies with big data analytics are over 70 percent more likely than other companies to have BI projects that are obsessed primarily by the business community, not by the information technology group. Bilytica  following the new trends and providing up to date business intelligence services to organization and helping them to get more productivity.


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