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Big Data is growing and making place in modern world day by day. Proper managing and handling of big data plays an important role in building a business. Google searches, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets etc. are well-known examples of big data. Google receives millions of queries per second and handle and process request in less than a second. Big Data is defined in the terms of queries per second, number of users accessing the system and managing their information too. Just a glance of how big data is and its handling just a single Google query can answer all.

When a user make a query or search on Google or similar search engines, they keep track of

  • Users IP
  • Users MAC address
  • Users account
  • Geographic location
  • Users device name like PC, phone etc.

Just imagine millions of queries per second and storing and processing every minute detail associated with the user, that’s the BIG DATA. Real art is to cope with problems in big data handling. How Google, Facebook, Twitter and giants like that are running successful business by handling massive data.

Techniques involved in big data analytics are

  1. Scaling Hardware and Storage to Handle Data

One of the most challenging fields in information handling is to measure or guess about scalability proactively. Despite proper planning, vision and proactive look ahead, user’s response cannot be judged proactively. Scaling hardware and storage is an option but still not an ultimate and better one. Prediction of user response is not as easy as selling hot cakes.

  1. Enhancing Processing Power With Tableau Consultants in Equatorial Guinea

Enhancing computing power to handle big data is also a good option to opt. But if user’s response is not vigorous, million dollars and computing resources go waste. That’s the reason of emerging cloud services to pay per use for storage and computing.

  1. Social Media Analytics Services with SAP Consultants in Equatorial Guinea

Social media analytics services helps your organization in collecting and processing big data. They help in understanding your business brand, stakeholders, consumers, competitors and market position which in turn enhance business.

Bilytica, Big Data Analytics in Equatorial Guinea helps to advance and grow your organization and its business to rank your product on top of market.


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