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Designing an ecommerce website on Magento is very challenging. We often see its features as it looks very easy that we could do it. But it is not as simple as we think. A designer should spend a lot of its time and energy to complete the task. Designing means create an understandable thing from an unorganized one. Developer spend a lot of hours converting that solution into code. All of this happen due to effective communication between developers and designer, which is usually not happen in most organizations.

Designing a website, designers want to create something unique and simple for always the best user practice that will be followed by easy to use user interface. This looks very simple but the whole beauty of it is that it is not. Designer first study the behavior of the user plan things trying multiple solutions and in the end –check if the functionality is possible within Magento Development Services.

It is possible in most procedures. But it takes time and money. That is the reason when “face to face” meetings make the process simple for both designers and developers. Designer cannot translate to a developer what is the idea and its outcome. Designer just give him an overview on the research which he conducted, significance of the features in a face to face meeting with the help of story boarding.

Physically on the same location dose not reduce the importance of designer or developer after delivering the final design. After the completion of product designer take a look to verify everything is in place.

That is the time when all smallest details are collected and arranged, the slightest issues were found and working side by side is important. Conversations about small details and sometimes showing physically what should be relocated where is something that couldn’t be decided if the designer and developer are not on the same location. That association build a website as efficient as possible with the use of magento development services and being able to discuss with other team members in person can save a lot of money and time of redundant back and forth messaging.

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Phone#: +61386585993


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