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The $14+ billion marketplace for HR software and platforms is reinventing itself. Operated by mobile apps, analytics, video, and an effort on team-centric management, we are seeing a rapid change in the HR software industry.  This is a change financiers, consumers, and HR professionals should watch out for. In those days companies usually had installed “core HR” systems and they often ran payroll in house. Their HR systems were extremely customized, complex, difficult to use, and costly to maintain. Most were built on client/server architectures and frequently came from mainframe heritage.

As the markets of performance, knowledge, and recruitment developed, buyers started to understand they wanted all these standalone systems to fit together. This moved the market from that of traditional talent management approach to integrated talent management approach. The awareness about integrated talent management was everywhere. Through strong sales, promotion, and product leadership a limited companies became market leaders.

All of this happened by using the new technology that changed the way of doing business. Modern HR software and payroll software is one of the most usable software in the market. PeopleQlik recruitment software module allows organizations to hire right talent at right time. It offers extraordinary and fascinating qualities such as analyzing which helps organizations to automate data extraction process. Automated resume download assist you to download the resumes from the job portals. Feedback event and interview arrangement can be managed through scheduling and calendaring feature. You can easily opt for fast, simple and efficient hiring process in no time.

There are hundreds of small companies, many managed by technologists who have never worked in HR, construct new tools to make work better. Many start with a fresh idea and then realize that there is a vast domain of HR practice they need to tap into. They are fresh innovators thinkers and they are bringing remarkable innovation into the marketplace. Manage your employees’ performance with proficient and effective PeopleQlik HR software performance alignment module. We support managers to be critical, recommend the improvement strategies and assess the top talent for performance evaluation.

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