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The world of visualization and analytics is changing rapidly with the arrival of new players in the market and the creation of established brands that are younger and arriving every day. Each of these tools has this secret sauce, so you’ll find many of the same teams comparing Microsoft Power BI and Tableau Consulting Services in Saudi Arabia when looking for the ideal data analysis tool.


Power BI has access to the predefined API and dashboards for quick information on some of the most popular technologies such as Sales force, Google Analytics, Email, Marketing and, of course, Microsoft products. You can also contact your organization’s departments or download files to create your perceptions. To connect data to Power BI, use the Get Data button. You will need to perform a short delegation process in order to get a full connection.

Tableau has invested heavily in the integration and communication processes with large tools and widely used communications. A Tableau connection is no longer involved because you will need to specify the data to extract to the tool when you establish the connection. For this reason, it may be helpful to understand what you want to see before you start making these connections.

Effective way through which Technology is Changing Power BI: Tableau Consulting Services in Saudi Arabia


Power BI provides real-time data access and easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. The tool is designed to speed up vision time and allows novice users to access powerful data analysis and discoveries without previous knowledge and experience. Real-time access to data means that teams can immediately interact with changes to BI through CRM, project management, sales, and financial instruments. Because live data access is where most SAP BO Business Objects services in Saudi Arabia products go, especially the products of most measurement devices, Power BI already has a step here.

Tableau’s features are just as powerful, but some are less intuitive, hidden behind menus. Based on the prediction of past behavior, the calculations are converted to existing data based on your needs. Tableau provides you with live surveying features and snippets, which is particularly useful for data analysts who disable all jobs for the query process.


You need to think about who will use these tools. Power BI is designed for stakeholders, not necessarily a data analyst. The interface relies more on drag-and-drop and intuitive features to help teams create their perceptions. This is a great addition to any team that needs to analyze data, but without first having a degree in data analysis.

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Services We Offer:


  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Data Monetization
  • Predictive Analytics


  • Assessments
  • Roadmaps
  • Data Governance
  • Strategy & Architecture
  • Organization Planning
  •   Proof of Value


  • Data Visualization
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • BI Reporting Dashboards
  • Advanced Analytics & Data Science
  • CRM / Salesforce Analytics


  • Big Data Architecture
  • Lean Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Master Data Management
  • System Optimization


  • Software Development
  • Managed Services
  • On-Shore / Off Shore
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Recruiting & Staffing

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