Future Prospects of Big Data and BI

A few years ago Big Data technology sounded like the mythological unicorn in fairy tales. Now it’s an accepted part of today’s working business and a growing number of organizations are trying to harness its enormous power. Predictive analysis and data analytics are the hot subjects these days and are selling like hot buns these days. Not only had the US and European markets have adopted this new trend in data technology but also the countries in Middle East countries. The Saudi Government is developing new plans for implementing Big Data services in .

’s big data market is expected to grow to $850 million dollars by 2018. The prime factors boosting the implementation of Big Data services in are the swift automation of commercial and industrial activities along with the fast digitalization of the country. The burgeoning Big Data market although is in its initial stage yet it has already excited the government and the kingdom is showing keen interest in it.

Even courses related to data analytics have begun to be opted by students in various universities. Not only large multinational corporations but Saudi students as well are utilizing Apache Hadoop to design solutions for industries of the country.
But Big Data needs to be coupled together with Business Intelligence to get proper ROI. Big Data can help you in identifying underlying patterns while Business Intelligence aims to utilize this diagnosis for the benefit of the organization. In short, one aims to find relevant question and the other addresses those questions. That is why the importance of applying Business Intelligence in cannot be undermined.

International Data Corporation has issued a report which claims that the market related to Business Intelligence in is expected to exceed $89 million in 2018 with a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of19.4% in the Business Intelligence tools market. This clearly shows that Business Intelligence and Big Data have a great potential in the Saudi Market.
Business Intelligence, especially advanced BI applications can greatly impact a business, improving the efficiency by getting competitive advantage over rivals, helping managers in taking better decisions, and streamlining operations.

Since 2007, Bilytica is creating symbiosis among data and advanced analytics to develop solutions for clients such as Shell, Nokia Coca-Cola, Audi, Vodafone and Walmart which have enabled them to enhance business performance and efficiency along with cutting costs and delighted our customers. Our expertise in Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics is unparalleled in the market due to our experience and the expert team of professionals at our disposal. Bilytica doesn’t only create business solutions – it ‘connects’ data, analytics and people with each other.

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