How AI in Saudi Arabia transforms Retail and Fashion in Ecommerce

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Artificial Intelligence and the fashion industry seems to be a strange adjustment. The latter has to do with bursts of creativity combined with practicality, unexpected and bold solutions, developing a unique aesthetic and boldly go where no one has gone before, while the first is utilitarian, predictable, the cold and calculated imitation barely able to do anything that requires any form of unsolicited decision making. They are like fire and ice, they are not exactly compatible.

However, the fashion industry is not just about creating new things and presenting bold concepts on a catwalk: it is also a large multi-channel company that relies heavily on retail sales and customer experience. And like any business, it must be profitable and try new ways to attract customers.

And this is where artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence solutions in Saudi Arabia enters a game and makes an impressive salvation.

AI and fashion Industry

Over the years it became clear that artificial intelligence is the best friend of the fashion trade. He can take care of pleasant and sweet business and is able to take over many parts of the operation that are difficult to carry out without immense labor and elaborate calculations.

Here are the ways in which AI in Saudi Arabia is changing the fashion retail industry for the better.

The personalized suggestion of virtual assistant

One of the most obvious ways of artificial intelligence is to help customers get what they want in a pleasant and hassle-free way through personalization.


It’s no secret that applications gather a lot of different data from your device. This information is segmented and analyzed anyway, so why not use it for your benefit?

There are several ways in which personalization is used in fashion retail.

  • Through automatically collected data:
  • Things you have already seen or purchased
  • Behavior on the pages during the course of the session
  • Preferences to certain types of products.

Bots and E-commerce match Made in Heaven

Through a questionnaire assisted by a bot. In this case, the client needs to describe what type of fabric he needs – including color, style, type of material, size, price, etc. bot suggests something and little by little the client will move towards that obscure object of desire.

Helping to navigate to Retain the Potential Customer

Another way in which Artificial Intelligence in Saudi Arabia is transforming fashion retail is through the improvement of navigation in online markets.

With a little help from the information collected from the user, Artificial Intelligence is able to build the product feed that will reflect the needs and interests of the client perfectly.

Matching clothes

Algorithms of coincidence of clothes. With a little help from the AI in Saudi Arabia user, you can gather all the possible options and select exactly what you want. Due to its usefulness, it is extremely attractive and makes customers come back for more.

For retail brands: it’s a simple way to present your inventory and let the customer discover something for himself.

Responding to queries

With the recent development in speech synthesis and natural language processing, the conversational interface is the most popular product at this time. And fashion retail is one of the vanguards of its commercial use.

What can be better than simply expressing what you want and getting a coherent answer? For example, the customer asks where the Metallica shirts are. and AI provides a personalized response with all the vital information on the subject, starting with if the product is available and ending with the purchase options.

what does Bilytica offer?

  • We give dynamic bots to the individuals who will send programmed messages, welcome and different warnings to chosen individuals
  • Our AI frameworks dependably encourage your business and clearly decrease work costs
  • Our man-made reasoning framework dependably enhances the exactness of your work and expands business contacts
  • As the utilization of Artificial intelligence solutions in Saudi Arabia (AI) turns out to be increasingly broad, we will all have more contact with it in our everyday lives. It bodes well, at that point, to plan AI to work how we function.


These are the main things that artificial intelligence is transforming into the fashion retail industry. There are many more ways in which a change occurs, but these are the most impactful for the clients.

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