How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Game for Supply Chain Analytics Solutions in Sauid Arabia

Rapidly growing technology and digital world have opened the door for a new wave of automation to enter the workforce. Robots stand side by side with human counterparts on many manufacturing floors adding capacity, efficiency and dependability.

Supply chain analytics solutions in Saudi Arabia, though automatic to a degree, still face challenges caused by the quantity of slow, manual tasks needed, and therefore the daily management of a complex web of interdependent elements. Future generation of process efficiency gains and visibility may be on the doorstep with artificial intelligence in supply chain management, if only you’d let the robots automatically open it for you.

MHI and Deloitte research shows that more than half (51%) of supply chain and logistics professionals believe Artificial Intelligence will provide a competitive advantage. That’s greater than 39% from last year. While only 35% of the respondents said they’ve already adopted robotics, 74% plan to do so within the next 10 years. And that’s likely in part to keep up with key players like Amazon, who have been leading the robotics charge for the past few years.

The main target of AI in supply chain has mostly been on the execution aspect, logistics, order fulfillment and manufacturing. However the practical application of AI in supply chain planning has largely been unnoticed. The corporate reported that  already employs 1,000 people in AI, with many of them acting on Echo, a wireless speaker that listens to you and speaks back. Also the traffic system is one of the best example, however backed by AI might become something much more than a novelty device.

AI and supply chain analytics solutions in Saudi arabia may lead to revolutionary breakthrough, together with automating the decision process. this idea goes way beyond simply having software system that runs scenarios and shows you ranked results of their outcomes, however lets the machines) really make the decision entirely, then filter that control command down through the rest of the supply chain. It’s opening the door for a speech communication around optimization versus human judgment.

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