How does an Enterprise Data Warehouse Work?

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Data Warehouse (DW) and SAP BO Business Objects services in Saudi Arabia, is also called Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), is a system used to store integrated data from diverse systems of the company at one place and data is stored for reporting and data analysis, and designed to enable business intelligence activities and it is also stores information from other data sources. The data in data warehouse is typically loaded through extraction, transformation and ETL process from multiple data sources.

Here are the some common characteristics of data warehouses that are support in management’s decision-making process.

·         subject-oriented,

·         integrated,

·         time-variant

·         non-volatile collection of data


A data warehouse designed to help analyze data. For example to learn more about to your company sales data you can build data warehouse for sales here sales consider as subject oriented.


A data warehouse integrates data from different multiple sources to one common format where to solve some issue like naming conflict and inconsistence when these problems are solved then we said data is integrated


In Data warehouse time variant means focus on change over time what is meant by term time variant it giving us the ability to store data representative as it existed many points in the time in past.


Nonvolatile means once the data is entered in data warehouse then data should never change.

Business intelligence

ETL: Extract Transform Load

ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is a process in data warehouse that is use to pulling out data from different multiple sources and apply some transformation and calculation and finally place it into data warehouse.

Data Mart:

A data mart is simple form of or data warehouse or subset of data warehouse that is designed to particular community and focused on single subject like sales, Finance and marketing etc….

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools:

Business Intelligence tools provide visual basic, Historical, current and productive Analysis for business and used by enterprises for data analysis of business Information and it is also use as technology driven Process for analyzing the data and present accountable information to help executive for decision making.

Visualizing Data using BI tools: Funnel Chart (PowerBI)

There are various BI Tools available in market to do analysis on the EDW data.   Bilytica’s Microstrategy Consulting services in Saudi Arabia  best Choice of tool depends on type of data stored in Data warehouse and frequency of reporting that management of the company wants. Customers chose BI Tool based on Gartner’s magic quadrant every year. Most prominent players in BI tools space are following

·         Tableau

·         Microsoft Power BI

·         Qlickview

·         Cognos

·         Microstrategy

·         SAP Business Objects (BO)

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