How Microstrategy Consultant in Saudi Arabia help you to Adopt Approaches for Data Mining?


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You can integrate MicroStrategy into a data extraction workflow in several ways. These alternatives are grouped according to how the model is finally deployed and where the evaluation is performed. The general methods for integrating mining data into MicroStrategy are described below:

  • Registration Database: Records are recorded in batches and saved as tables or columns.
  • Database points: The database records points in response to queries.
  • MicroStrategy Saves Results: Saves MicroStrategy records using metrics and reports.

MicroStrategy supports all three methods, each with positive and negative aspects. The following sections describe each approach in detail.

Save the Database

In this policy, records are logged and inserted into the database as new tables or as new columns in existing tables. Often, a third-party registry engine receives a set of results and scores points. The points are then added to the database Microstrategy Consultant in Saudi Arabia. Historically, this approach has been the most common. Its advantages and disadvantages are described below.

How Microstrategy Consultant in Saudi Arabia help you to adopt approaches for data mining?


  • When an external recording engine calculates points, the complexity of the model and performance is hidden in the registry engine. Thus, scoring does not require any database resources and does not affect other business intelligence activities.
  • At runtime, the data is simply read from the database without having to calculate the result on the fly. Recording results on the fly can result in slow analysis, especially if there are millions of results.
  • MicroStrategy can use this approach by creating metrics or attributes for the saved data.


  • This approach requires database space and database administrator support.
  • New records inserted after the payment has been saved are not saved.
  • Updating the form or results requires additional database and database administrator costs.
  • In many organizations, the information in the enterprise data warehouse is not added or updated easily or if you want. The cross-functional effort required to register the database limits replication we also provide Cognos Consultant in Saudi Arabia and prevents the vast majority of users from experimenting with new models or modifying existing models.

The Database makes the Recording

In this approach, the data extraction functions are used in the database system to perform the evaluation. Almost all major databases have the ability to record mining models. A key feature of this approach is that the model can be saved in a different system than the data mining tool that developed the model.


  • Points can be calculated on the fly even if new records are added.
  • Update the form more easily than the database degree option.
  • This approach requires less database space than the database option.
  • When the database supports access to its data extraction functions via SQL, MicroStrategy can take advantage of this method by using its own SQL engine.


  • This approach requires the support of the administrator.

New records inserted after batch registration are not saved.

  • Updating the form or results requires additional database and database administrator costs.

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