How to choose right Ophthalmology EMR software for your healthcare industry?

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Ophthalmology EMR software is specially designed according to the needs of ophthalmologists. Physician makes it challenge to select the appropriate software for their practice as hundreds of electronic medical software choices are available. Physicians must know what the criteria will be useful and what features are necessary when searching EMR software for ophthalmology practice.

Ophthalmology rely upon the detailed reporting of image that what is observed from that images of the eye. Ophthalmology EMR software should be facilitating note taking even from recognition of handwriting, touch screen keyboards on computers and tablet computers, transcription of notes using integrated voice recognition software. It can be additional favor if it can be compatible with drawing pads and light-pen mice to facilitate graphical data entry. Additionally one unique feature is that ophthalmology practices are retailers of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Most of the ophthalmology EMR software has point of sale(POS) systems which integrates with the system to help.

Lab management software includes wide verity of functionality. It provides flexibility for different component based architecture with the facility of supporting their existing data management needs. Whenever clients need changing with time, lab management software delivers latest and additional components to the system.

Some software’s are suited to small practices and other suited to larger ones. Lab management Software and Ophthalmology EMR software is designed for a certain type and number of users. Ophthalmology EMR Software and Lab management software is installed directly on computer servers or ophthalmology EMR software is located in the cloud so it can be accessed via internet.

  • ICD/CPT codes
  • Integration with keratometers, autorefractors, visual field machines and other ophthalmic equipment
  • POS to facilitate the point of sale to contact lenses and eyeglasses
  • Compatibility with digital pen technology
  • Ability to track contact lense information on patients
  • Graphically documenting and other eye problems

Ophthalmology EMR software and Lab management software in Saudi Arabia provides all these features with additional latest features at one place.

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