How to make Efficient Project Management and Delivery of Projects on Time by getting Services of BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia?

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Business Intelligence is a way to represent data into reports and dashboards. In large organizations, for big data analysis and for storage of data used BI solutions. They need to training’s and consultancy for end users.

Bilytica’s has many BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia, they all of working on different types of software like as Cognos, Teradata, Tableau, Microstrategy, Qilkview and so on.

Benefits of Qilkview Services

Bilytica experts providing Qlikview Consulting services in Saudi Arabia that covers all of your problems and gives you best user experience. Qilkview is highly popular business Intelligence and visualization software of Qilk Company, with supremely amazing features and benefits. It can help to analyzing data and use the data to support decision making in organization.

Here is some features of Qilkview

  • It use in memory data model.
  • Qilkview is capable to manipulate large data sets instantly with accuracy.
  • Cost of Hardware for Qilkview is not too much.
  • Integration of data automation is possible with Qilkview.
  • Qilkview easily converts the data into graphical analytics.
  • Use of Qilkview is very simple you don’t need to any training to work on it.
  • It is a stop shop for dashboards, graphical analytics and easy reporting.

Benefits of Microstrategy Services

Bilytica experts also  providing Microstrategy Consulting services in Saudi Arabia that covers concerns of users and provide possible solutions regarding their queries.

Here is some features of Microstrategy

  • Increase productivity and cost effectiveness of organization.
  • Having capabilities to build strong customer relationship.
  • Optimization to generate high growth of revenues.
  • Discover anomalies faster and also monitoring data coming from different resources

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