Looking for a Remarkable Insurance Broker Software? Try InsureQlik!

Insurance brokers and agents have confided in pen and paper for many years. But as the technological landscape shifts and every organization is going digital, they feel left behind. Along with being costly and tedious, traditional methods for insurance brokers and agents are failing.

However to keep up with the market trends, insurance agencies are turning towards the help of insurance broking software to assist them in insurance related tasks such as verifying claims an developing packages for clients. Along with that technologies such as Big Data are also being incorporated for complex operations such as fraud detection. There is a realization in the insurance industry that if proper and efficient insurance broker software are not utilized and their full capabilities are not harnesses, then the insurance industry may die like the dinosaurs.

Management of insurance companies faces a dilemma – insurance management software are usually expensive, whereas simple excel sheets do not provide the sufficient functionalities to deal with overall operations. Cloud based solutions are becoming increasingly popular that offer subscription models and ease a lot of things for insurance brokers.

Insurance industry is incredibly complex and acquisition and retaining of clients is even more difficult. Insurance industry has a huge churn rate and to stop that not only do they require an effective customer relationship management but also offering, from the dialogue of the movie Godfather: “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

InsureQlik is a remarkable product offered by Bilytica that deals with various insurance related operations such as policy administration, claims administration, underwriting, billing administration, HR and Payroll management, sales management and CRM, document management, offers management and invoice and payment  management in just one application. This is a software especially designed for broker and insurance companies, private and public entities and captives by acting as an advisor, broker, insurer, and risk and claim handler.

And that is not the end of the story.

Bilytica’s InsureQlik offers Insurance Broker Software which help’s in Insurance fraud detection, analytics, risk and compliance, data mining, forecasting and statistical analysis along with being the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for insurance industry.

Bilytica has a global presence and its clients include prestigious organization such as Shell and Audi. With a range of Enterprise Resource Planning application in its portfolio, InsureQlik by Bilytica is your one stop solution for all of your insurance related concerns.

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