Manufacturing Analytics Solution Leads to Leaner Operations and Smarter Decisions

Globalization has introduced a different way for manufacturers to reduce their costs due to a diverse pool of suppliers and customers, but the logistics of keeping track of all the data in the various locations and currencies enhances to its complexity. By making sense of the used data through manufacturing analytics solutions will return to cost reduction and increased revenue generation. Bilytica has been working in business intelligence and data warehousing so you can rest assured that we know how to accurately roadmap and strategize in ways that are consistent with your business goals. Most importantly, our manufacturing analytic solution has a number of different practical solution sets we guaranteed to provide a one-for-all solution, along with the one that is tailored to work best for your manufacturing business.

Our manufacturing analytic solution is perform many functionalities that will accurately manage the pricing, processes, quality, featuring and product driven market and also attract buyers who are willing to purchase this product from competitive market in order to get ideal pricing with more suitable and superior product. This manufacturing analytic solution have many features that will accurately manage and improve your business up to the best level. Some of the product features are mentioned below:

  • Complete factory / industry operation analysis are performed with monitored warranty claims and policies.
  • It deals with all the components and errands inside the supply chain that includes the shipping, monitoring raw material, distribution of products, quality and billing performance along with supplier’s relationship and much more.
  • You can guaranteed get the quality performance along with setup key performance indicators and metrics with monitor results. This will also guaranteed the cost management along with installed base tracking.
  • This manufacturing analytic solution takes the timely corrective measures up to very weaker areas after analyzing deeply sales and marketing performances by using product distributors regions with customers and categories.

Now a days manufacturers are facing many sources of data: workforce and order planning from the automated ERP system, order information from other systems, get time and attendance logs, along with alarm and production data from different equipment manufacturers, By using our manufacturing analytic system enable you to quickly merger and link similar data to achieve deep insights that would have otherwise taken too long to trouble. This product giving you the ability to investigate runtime data and ancient data without programming, you can also answer to all questions much faster than ever before.

This manufacturing analytic solution dashboard lets you explore the complete performance of orders filled by a manufacturer using its machines. You can browse through all these orders that were filled on and see how well your production runs actually, you can bringing together several data sets on a single dashboard. This solution also present the Bullet Graph depicts the major metrics that affect production roundup (setup, downtime, run speed).

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