Myths Related with Software Development Outsourcing

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In this age of technology, almost every business owner wants to increase their productivity by using latest technology. For this purpose they need to automate their business. Many business owners use software development outsourcing offered by different vendors. It is less expensive and allows the IT team of the company the freedom to focus on core business problems. Though this method is become popular everything has its pros and cons so there are some myths related with software development outsourcing which increase the companies confusion from adopting this method. However, these myths are not accurate. The software development companies these days are trying to make their image better by removing these false myths.

  • Myth– Culture and Communication barrier will be occurred during software development through outsourcing: some people think that outsourcing a project cannot be beneficial due to difference of the culture and languages.

Fact– this kind of issues are no longer exist because companies have started using agile methods and various communication methods such as sms, emails, calls etc. to remove communication  barrier and eliminate problems.

  • Myth– the software development company may utilize an alternate system which may make confusion in taking care of with the IT branch of Clients Company.

Fact– customized software development is the best solution to this issue. Through this software is designed according to the needs and working procedures of the client. There is no such issue exist but if any misunderstanding arises, the software development companies like Bilytica also provide round the clock customer support.

  • Myth– the outsourcing company don’t allow changes in the software.

Fact– Companies are design such software that are flexible to change and can be modified as the clients requirements. Bilytica experts also designs scalable software.

  • Myth– technologically software is not compatible with the market

Fact– In this age of innovation only those companies can compete the market that are aware of all the technology changes. Companies use the latest technologies to build the software and adjust them to suit the business requirements of the client.

  • Myth– outsourcing a project doesn’t encourage team spirit.

Fact- well that’s not the true myth, software development companies encourage the team members from the client’s company to participate in the different development processes and confirm that they work as a team. Outsourcing is always favorable in term of cost reduction, cheap labour and get technologically sound software that fits your business needs.

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