How Live Analytics and BI Consultancy can help you to Retain More Customer in Saudi Arabia?

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Most Blue Chip IT companies are not interested in sales of a single transaction to customers, no matter how important those sales are. What interests them are contracts driven by relationships that can increased promised revenue, with the potential to offer customers value-added services on the line, such as training, configuration and customization. Companies can provide these services directly or delegate them to partners who act as advocates for their products and services. High performance Business Intelligence teams have been created for customer success to ensure that the customer bases of technology service providers are not neglected. But successful customer teams are not always called before a customer decides to look for an alternative technology solutions provider, which is why live knowledge of data and BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia are so important for high-tech companies. Here are some ways in which real-time analysis can help companies retain customers and revenues.

  1. Analysis of web content in context with support of Big Data Analytics

Web content performance control systems are powerful. If you can see click patterns, on-site search history and browsing patterns along with support tickets and customer service or sales data, it will be easier to translate that knowledge into customer retention. The problem of tripping customers can be easy to correct, such as rewriting knowledge-based articles to better address customer problems. Alternatively, specific improvements in browsing and searching websites may be required to help customers find what they want. When companies can optimize their presence on the web for self-service support based on web analytics knowledge, their support representatives can handle more complex service requests.

  1. Discover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Connecting your analytical system with Cloud CRM Solutions In Saudi Arabia can be an opportunity to track customer sentiment. If customers complain about problems for their peers in the forums, there may be opportunities for professional services, training or complementary products that can be recommended to address these concerns.

  1. Customized marketing campaigns and personalized content

Technology companies invest a large amount of time, energy and money in the creation of personalized content and marketing aimed at specific clients and prospects. Tracking campaign responses from a marketing automation application with sales order data is a great way to control how account-based personalization and marketing work in real time.

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