Secrets of BI in Healthcare Industry

In today business world, big data and business intelligence are the modern concepts. As the business world want to become more data driven, they go to adopt different BI tools for the analysis of data to make a sense what they want. All kind of businesses like financial industry, banking, telecommunication industry and manufacturing industries use business intelligence trends and tools to optimize their business processes. Now we have to know about, what other niche industries think about it? E.g biotech industries and healthcare organizations.

According to a Bilytica Data Visualization Services some of the healthcare organizations that use big data analytics techniques and BI tools could collectively save money between $300 and $400 billion annually in the US only. Basically the healthcare industries use BI tools and big data analytics to save money in the same way as the other organizations do. For example healthcare organizations Apply BI trends to know about Patient satisfaction and pharmacy use. These industries also use for other purposes like patient time analysis, patient arrival at hospital and to know about the annual revenues of the clinics and hospitals.

Importance of BI Tools in Healthcare Industry:

Financial Managements:  The use of Bi tools is common among all the health care industries in the modern areas of world. Healthcare providers use it for investing fewer amounts of costs and gaining better insights from it. After knowing these facts, they make necessary changes to get more as out of services that they provide.

Patient Treatments:  The purpose of healthcare industries is to improve the health of population on the basis of patients. Every human is biologically same but the doctors and nurses can attest that all treatments for patients are not same. Therefore a single treatment needs to occur for a single patient. Without the BI tool it isn’t possible at this level.

If we talk about EMR and EHR software’s for example Cloudpital Services , all the patient medical histories can be collected and by performing some analysis using BI tools on the genetic markers for reducing the impact of diseases on their patients.

Top BI Tools for Healthcare Industry:

If any organization is underperforming and not using a BI Tool, then it’s the perfect time to start performing BI Analysis on their data to derivate better decisions for their use. We compiled some of best BI tools to help you start at your healthcare organization.

  • Domo:

Domo connect all the systems for the incoming real data .For healthcare industry, it produces some advanced analytical dashboards and some advance analytics on the data .Some of the core metrics that you can analyze includes quality of care ,the cost per  patient analysis and the effectiveness of new treatments.

  • Sisense:

Sisense is basically use for mid size business and large size enterprises. For healthcare industry, it is used because of a single, large location or those that have several branches. Basically it is used in healthcare industry for analysis of unstructured healthcare data.


  • Microstrategy:

Microstrategy is a powerful BI tool because it contains self-services BI tools. It is used in healthcare industry because it works only on the basis of drag and drops features and work with some sharing systems to easily pick up. It also allows connect to large hadoop databases. When we come to healthcare features, it includes some revenue cycle intelligence, hospital/physician health scoring features that help to make beneficial uses.


  • Qlik:

Qlik is one of the self service BI leaders in data analytics industry. Qlik is known as the best tool for healthcare industry which offers several solutions and pricing features. E.g it creates cost profile for each physician, with which you can use resources efficiently to treat an individual patient.  It also provides some patient readmission and its uses on effective healthcare.

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