Step by Step Procedure to Select an Offshore Software Development Company

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Global offshore software development is now a multi-billion-dollar industry and it’s growing in a rapid way. Offshoring software development returns cost savings, top mark technical expertise, early time to market, and scope to concentrate more on core business sphere. Selecting the appropriate offshore software development company is a complicated decision to make. It takes time and can’t be done overnight. Typically it takes around 2-6 months to confirm such partnership.

First step before starting to look for an offshore software development company it’s sensible to first make a detail software project specification document. One of the key cause behind outsourcing from alike time zone is minimum turn-around time. Now if you involve an offshore team from the conflicting of the globe you may have maximum 10-12 hours turn-around time.

Business colleagues, expert contacts from current partnering organizations, friends from your industry who are already involved in similar offshore software development projects in the same regions are a good source for references.

Short listing is arranged depending upon the public data about the vendor companies. All the key info needed to assess any vendor company may not accessible publicly. You may have questions which are not answered from the public sources. Connect with the vendor companies asking for other information compulsory to have a clear understanding.

Mail Request for Proposal (RFP) to all the short listed software development companies. In RFP try to be as clear as probable regarding specification of necessities to have better communication. Vendor companies may ask for extra information before sending their price quotations.

Many issues influence in the selection process of the most appropriate offshore software development partner. Significance of the issues may vary from project to project. By evaluating specific project requirements, you can assign the significance level to various issues.

An official visit to the nominated company can help in creating a good association and cultural understanding. Hands on knowledge about physical facilities, management practice, and work environment of the vendor company can be gotten from the visit. Initial training and compulsory agreements can be done in this tour.


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