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Overview of Tableau

Since 2003, Tableau has helped people see and understand their business data. The solution offers drag-and-drop features and a range of powerful BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia tools that allow users to “drill” in their data and discover basic information.

  • Tableau contains three main products:
  • Desktop – The desktop connects and analyzes various data and allows users to create visualizations and reports.
  • Server – The server allows users to collaborate across data and share highly customizable control panels.

Online – Tableau Online is a cloud version of Tableau Server, with no prepaid costs and easy access to your mobile phone.

Overview of Microstrategy

MicroStrategy was founded in 1989 and provides direct access to large and complex data sets through integrated frameworks such as Hadoop. It uses drag-and-drop interface and facilitates the transfer of data from any source.

Such as Tableau, MicroStrategy can be deployed either inside the enterprise or in the cloud. It offers a set of integrated tools that make integration, analysis and visualization quick and easy. Microstrategy Consultant in Saudi Arabia also has a fully mobile application with access to data and data visualization, provides offline capabilities, scheduled downloads of large data sets and the ability to take action from within the application.

Connecting to Data Sources

Tableau: Tableau integrates with multiple data sources, including Amazon Redshift, AWS, Excel, Google Analytics, Google Cloud Platform, HP Vertica, Hadoop, Informatica, Microsoft Azure, R, SAP, SQL Server, Salesforce, Splunk, Teradata, and Web data sources across Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

MicroStrategy: MicroStrategy works best with Hadoop and has native integrations to collect and analyze data quickly. It directly communicates with Hadoop resellers such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, IBM BigInsights, and Pivotal. MicroStrategy is also very powerful when it comes to using SQL on Hadoop technologies, including Cloudera Impala, MapR Drill, Apache Spark, Pivotal HAWQ, and Facebook.

Data Access

Tableau: The desktop application in Tableau contains a clean and simple interface. The drag-and-drop graph and Report Builder allow users to easily customize their dashboards and reports. Tableau Server expands the functionality of Tableau Consulting services in Saudi Arabia across an organization, allowing users to collaborate.

Companies can also use the Cloud Tableau system, Tableau Online, which combines the ease of desktop and server platforms. Tableau also contains a mobile application, although it has fewer features than a MicroStrategy application.

MicroStrategy: MicroStrategy also delivers its products across a wide variety of platforms, including desktop computers (Mac and Windows), mobile applications, MS Office integration, web browsing, the SDK and cloud-based services.

MicroStrategy has a central repository of metadata that any application can pull data from. MicroStrategy Mobile provides a mobile interactive experience with real-time data updates, offline access, touch-enabled video and productivity apps.

Predictions and Forecasting

Tableau: Tableau provides embedded prediction and predictive analysis. The solution uses smart algorithms to find and predict patterns. It can include seasonal and historical trends, various data models and predictions.

MicroStrategy: MicroStrategy does not have built-in prediction capabilities. Users must build prediction and prediction models in their application, which can be very difficult and time-consuming.


Tableau and MicroStrategy are excellent data analysis solutions. Tableau is designed around an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and custom dashboards and takes a look at all the key metrics for a business.

MicroStrategy is designed as a strong solution for BI. Due to its strong focus on Hadoop data sets and a more expensive pricing structure, it may be more suitable for large companies, although each solution is scalable.

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